Happy moments recall

Today, I was surfing through my "Gallery" haven't done that in a long time. I uploaded on Instagram those really captured my pure happy moments.

Let's recall a happy moment before going to sleep .... mmmm. I remember when I was a little kid around 5 years old, my Uncle RIP took me on a date. It was really cool, he washed his car especially before stopping by...I wore a lovely dress.. Reserved a table in a Fancy restaurant by the ocean, I sat in the Baby chair of course :D ... Picked for us whatever in the menu and he had to eat it....then afterwards we tore newspapers into pieces ruined the newly washed cars ...LOL....I bet no guy can compete with that!!

I remember I didn't like crowdy birthday parties, we used to sneak out from the back door, go somewhere more fun and simpler...of course my parents get to search for the birthday girl and don't find her.



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